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07-25-2017, 02:23 AM
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  The Three TF88 Offices
Posted by: Reckz - 12-05-2017, 04:23 AM - Forum: About Task Force 88 - No Replies

The Office of Training and Tactics
This office is responsible for improving the in-game skills of TF88 members through the teachings and practice of specific skills on a wide variety of roles pertinent to Squad. The Leaders may train on our closed off server or live games. They are also responsible for the Certification Program.

The Office of Internal Personnel
This office is responsible for all current TF88 members. Maintaining the roster, Enlisted and NCO promotions, and taking care of Member Registrations in the Enlistment forums. They will work with The Office of Training and Tactics to figure out who is improving to provide a good base for their promotion decisions.

The Office of External Personnel
This office is responsible for looking after the recruitment of new members into TF88 by means of website forums and in-game. They are responsible for keeping our recruitment forum posts updated with current and correct information pertaining to TF88. Any new member that was directly recruited by any TF88 member will have their intro done by one of the staff members.

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  Please Read First
Posted by: Reckz - 11-20-2017, 09:10 PM - Forum: Server Ban Appeals - No Replies

Please read through this short statement before making your appeal post.

Understand that all bans happened for a legitimate reason. Please refer to our Server Rules section for the full list of rules that, if you break, you can be banned/kicked.
If you feel you have been wrongfully banned or would like to be unbanned in general, please copy the template below and make a new post within our Server Ban Appeals section.


Steam Username/In-Game Name:
Reason(s) you've been banned:
Admins involved with original ban: 
Why you feel you should be unbanned:

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  Server Rules & Seeding Rules
Posted by: Reckz - 10-05-2017, 01:09 AM - Forum: Server Rules - No Replies

Server Name:

The Pack | TF88 | CHICAGO

[Image: 1915455.png?foreground=%23EEEEEE&linkCol...Height=300]

General Server Rules:

-Intentionally team killing leads to permanent ban.
-Act like an adult and be a player people want to play with.
-Squad leaders must have a mic and communicate with the other squad leaders in English.
-Squad leaders must contribute towards objectives in the game and actively play together with the team.
-Squad leaders must lead and manage their squads.
-You must have a pronounceable username that contains Latin alphabet letters.
-Radio placement MUST be agreed upon by other squad leaders prior to placement.
-Defending squads have priority on where the radio will be placed.
-No locked squads unless stated clearly the Squads intentions (ie. Mortar, Logistical, Vehicle Hit Squad)
-Never leave vehicles unattended anywhere else except at your main-base or at an active ally FOB. (Being killed out of them is different)
-Logistics trucks must be occupied or left at main or next to an ally FOB. Do not abandon them.
-Squad Leaders must coordinate with each other over the vehicles at their disposal.
-Admins may implement special rules at the start of matches. Said rules will clearly be broadcast.

Seeding/Server Pop Rules:

-No vehicles other than Logistical Trucks.
-Each team caps up to the middle objective.
-The middle objective is where both teams are permitted to fight over.
-Each team's previous points are where both teams will place their FOBs and HABs.
Ex....   US ---- Obj.1 ---- Obj.2 ---- Obj.3 ---- Obj.4 ---- Obj.5 ---- RUS
EX.... The US Caps 1+2 and places FOB on 2. The RUS Caps 5+4 and places FOB on 4. Both teams may fight over 3.
-No mortars.
-Everything will go LIVE once the match is even at 20v20. (Standard rules apply)

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  Rank Structure
Posted by: Reckz - 07-25-2017, 04:30 PM - Forum: About Task Force 88 - No Replies

Ranking Structure

Below are our ranks within Task Force 88 in descending order. The descriptions are generally what each rank entails and is what is expected of you. Also, how you can obtain each rank. There is no specific time you have to be at each rank for to be eligible for promotion. For the lower ranks, there are no specific actions you must complete to be promoted until the rank of Corporal. Higher ranking members may have to complete specific duties and actions asked of them from higher ranking Leadership members to continue to be promoted.


Command Sergeant Major (E-9)
Rank Details: The leader of Task Force 88.
Duties: Responsible for all handling issues within the clan and being a representative of the interests of TF88 when working with other clan's leaders. All major decisions, policy changes and high ranking promotions go through the Sergeant Major.

First Sergeant (E-8)
Rank Details: Second in command of Task Force 88.
Duties: Assist the Command Sergeant Major in the leadership of TF88. Will be assigned as a member and primary leader of one of the Offices. A First Sergeant is also responsible to administrate the site, forums, server and aid in policy changes.

Sergeant First Class (E-7)
Rank Details: Third in command of Task Force 88.
Duties: Assist the Command Sergeant Major in the leadership of TF88. Will be assigned as a member and secondary leader of one of the Offices. A Sergeant First Class is also responsible to administrate the site, forums, server and aid in policy changes.


Staff Sergeant (E-6)
Rank Details: One of our senior experienced members of TF88.
Duties: Will be assigned as a member and aid to the leaders of one of the Offices.

Sergeant (E-5)
Rank Details: Members of this rank are proficient players and have shown a vast improvement on many skills of the game.
Duties: Begin learning a specific role within the game through the Training Office. Some Sergeants may also be selected to aid a specific Office. 

Corporal (E-4)
Rank Details: Members of this rank have shown an improvement in their teamwork and individual skill. The member has shown they excel at a specific Squad role and/or are beginning to master a specific Squad role to help the team. This member has great experience with TF88 and Squad. This rank is also reserved for those who do not (or cannot) devote the time to being a higher rank within The Pack.
Duties: May begin learning a specific role within the game through the Training Office.


Private First Class (E-3)
Rank Details: Members of this rank have shown more duty, honor, respect and loyalty towards TF88 and continue to show an understanding of the game Squad.
Duties: May begin learning a specific role(s) within the game through the Training Office.

Private (E-2)
Rank Details: After you've been in TF88 for about a week and have shown enough activity, respect and loyalty, members will be promoted to our first official personnel rank. Continue showing progress within the clan.
Duties: Eligible to begin learning a specific role within the game through the Training Office.

Private (E-1)
Rank Details: Newest member to TF88. All incoming members begin at this rank.

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  How to Enlist
Posted by: Reckz - 07-25-2017, 04:58 AM - Forum: Enlistment - No Replies

Read through the post below to know how to create a formal request to join Task Force 88.

Please copy the Form & Enlistment Requirements below, and paste them into your own created thread in the Member Registrations section.
Read our Code of Conduct before posting your registration. Once you've posted your registration, you thereby agree to our COC and will be held accountable for all actions.

Form & Enlistment Requirements
  • 18 years of age or older?
  • Have a working microphone?
  • What is your Steam profile? (Please leave link)
  • How many hours do you have on the game? (Any other Mil-sim experience?) 
  • How did you hear about us? (Did a TF88 member refer you to us?)
  • What days/times are you normally playing Squad?
  • What time zone are you in?
  • Must be able to follow a chain of command and take orders
  • We do not require a ton of in-game experience, only that you are knowledgeable with the game and how it is played and are willing to learn more.
  • Join our Discord and make your nickname match your username/in-game name (https://discord.me/tf88)
  • Join our Steam Group (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tf88clan)

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  Code of Conduct
Posted by: Reckz - 07-25-2017, 03:16 AM - Forum: Enlistment - No Replies

TF-88 Community Rules

The following rules apply to all outlets of interaction or other general communication mediums that are in association with Task Force 88. These are NOT in order of importance.

Rule 1: Be respectful.
Be respectful of all TF-88 members, officers, and staff at all times. It’s also very important to us to respect other clans and their members when playing matches with and against them. This will allow us to continue participating in clan events for the future. You should always be respectful to everyone in-game, clan associated or not. No comments about politics, religion, skin color, or sexual preferences. We are here to play games.

Rule 2: Channel discipline.
As we continue our effort to legitimize the ranking structure and the role structure alike, we must stay in a squad gaming mindset in the squad channels. If you need to talk about non-Sqaud related topics, you may move to a different channel. Miscellaneous chat in-between matches is acceptable.

Rule 3: Discord is for TF88 members.
Senior Officers are responsible for managing the memory and members in our Discord. The TF-88 Discord is strictly for Task Force 88 members and not a meeting place for friends outside of the clan. Only exception is the allowed representatives from other Squad clans.

Rule 4: Respect chain of command.
Follow the rank structure and chain of command. If you have any issues, bring them to the attention of a staff member or admin.

Rule 4.1: Respect chain of command cont.
In game, respect your Squad Leaders and their commands. Games come down to the most minor of details, and Squad Leaders and their commands are the most vital. Do not undermine your SL. After matches (both scrims and events) and in meetings we take a look back and reflect on both our successes and our mistakes as we continue to strive to be our best.

Rule 5: Team mentality.
Put the needs of the clan first before your own personal goals. Also, support your comrades and teammates. There is no need for negative attitude for poor performance.

Rule 6: Honor.
As a member of Task Force 88, we will always win and lose with honor. 

Rule 7: Respect attendance and activity.
You are expected to be a generally active and contributing member of our clan. Attending our meetings is important, but it’s understood that you will occasionally miss some. If you will be gone for an extended period, let an officer know. If you miss two meetings in a row and we have no warning of your absence, you may be subject to a roster move.

Rule 8: No Squad double clanning. 
We expect a certain level of loyalty from our members. While it’s ok to play alongside other Squad clans and their members, we expect you understand that Task Force 88 is your primary Squad community. Joining other clans/communities is alright, as long as they are not a Squad clan or offer an outlet in Squad (such as having a Division or Branch within the community).

Rule 9: Must sport the [TF88] tag in game.
So long as you are a member of Task Force 88, you must show the TF88 tag in game. To set your tag as that in Squad, simply go to the Settings, then Game Settings. Under Player Name Prefix, enter [TF88] . No, that is not a typo. Be sure to add a space after the last bracket. If you don't, your player name will follow right after the bracket and ultimately not look very good.

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  Mission Statement
Posted by: Reckz - 07-25-2017, 02:23 AM - Forum: About Task Force 88 - No Replies

Mission Statement:
We are a Squad clan based out of North America that uses tactics, planning, coordination, cooperation and communication to succeed in matches. Through our experience, we come together to learn and grow as better players, creating a fun and welcoming, yet serious and mature environment for everyone who is eager to join. We want to strive to be our best, but not necessarily be the best. However, we do want to be known as one of the most respected clans within the Squad community. So join the pack, and become a force!

Our name (Task Force 88) comes from an American special operations unit that was formed in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks with support of the United Kingdom special forces, specifically charged with hunting down high-value al-Qaeda and Iraqi leadership including Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. It is described as a "hunter-killer team" with its core made up of operators from 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta Force, United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group ('DEVGRU'), British Special Air Service, British Special Boat Service and soldiers from the 75th Ranger Regiment. Members of the CIA's elite Special Activities Division paramilitary unit were also believed to be an important part of the group. Support elements include the Army's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Night Stalkers), the Air Force’s 24th Special Tactics Squadron, and British paratroopers from the Special Forces Support Group.

The task force is known to operate very autonomously. In their only publicly known operation they reportedly conducted several raids without requiring approval from nearby conventional command structures and only requiring it from USSOCOM. The task force was also responsible for the tracking and eventual elimination (by F-16 launched ordnance) of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Over 18 months beginning in early 2007, the task force reportedly arrested 3,500 terrorists in Baghdad and killed several hundred others. Thus, al Qaeda bomb attacks went down from an average of 150 per month (killing monthly 3,000 people) to about two.

Currently, rumors of a "reformation" of a similar Task Force going by the cover name of "TF Black" have emerged, although most former Special Mission Unit members and insiders believe that since the whole concept of a "Task Force is temporary, hence the term 'Task' Force...as in being tasked with a particular objective", this would be unlikely, regardless of the reports of mainstream media to the contrary. Most of the time, Task Forces such as the original TF Black, cannot technically "be reformed" to hunt ISIL when the creation of a more current and lesser known joint Task Force would make more sense to those inside the Joint Special Operations Command.

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