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Code of Conduct
TF-88 Community Rules

The following rules apply to all outlets of interaction or other general communication mediums that are in association with Task Force 88. These are NOT in order of importance.

Rule 1: Be respectful.
Be respectful of all TF-88 members, officers, and staff at all times. It’s also very important to us to respect other clans and their members when playing matches with and against them. This will allow us to continue participating in clan events for the future. You should always be respectful to everyone in-game, clan associated or not. No comments about politics, religion, skin color, or sexual preferences. We are here to play games.

Rule 2: Channel discipline.
As we continue our effort to legitimize the ranking structure and the role structure alike, we must stay in a squad gaming mindset in the squad channels. If you need to talk about non-Sqaud related topics, you may move to a different channel. Miscellaneous chat in-between matches is acceptable.

Rule 3: Discord is for TF88 members.
Senior Officers are responsible for managing the memory and members in our Discord. The TF-88 Discord is strictly for Task Force 88 members and not a meeting place for friends outside of the clan. Only exception is the allowed representatives from other Squad clans.

Rule 4: Respect chain of command.
Follow the rank structure and chain of command. If you have any issues, bring them to the attention of a staff member or admin.

Rule 4.1: Respect chain of command cont.
In game, respect your Squad Leaders and their commands. Games come down to the most minor of details, and Squad Leaders and their commands are the most vital. Do not undermine your SL. After matches (both scrims and events) and in meetings we take a look back and reflect on both our successes and our mistakes as we continue to strive to be our best.

Rule 5: Team mentality.
Put the needs of the clan first before your own personal goals. Also, support your comrades and teammates. There is no need for negative attitude for poor performance.

Rule 6: Honor.
As a member of Task Force 88, we will always win and lose with honor. 

Rule 7: Respect attendance and activity.
You are expected to be a generally active and contributing member of our clan. Attending our meetings is important, but it’s understood that you will occasionally miss some. If you will be gone for an extended period, let an officer know. If you miss two meetings in a row and we have no warning of your absence, you may be subject to a roster move.

Rule 8: No Squad double clanning. 
We expect a certain level of loyalty from our members. While it’s ok to play alongside other Squad clans and their members, we expect you understand that Task Force 88 is your primary Squad community. Joining other clans/communities is alright, as long as they are not a Squad clan or offer an outlet in Squad (such as having a Division or Branch within the community).

Rule 9: Must sport the [TF88] tag in game.
So long as you are a member of Task Force 88, you must show the TF88 tag in game. To set your tag as that in Squad, simply go to the Settings, then Game Settings. Under Player Name Prefix, enter [TF88] . No, that is not a typo. Be sure to add a space after the last bracket. If you don't, your player name will follow right after the bracket and ultimately not look very good.
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