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The Three TF88 Offices
The Office of Training and Tactics
This office is responsible for improving the in-game skills of TF88 members through the teachings and practice of specific skills on a wide variety of roles pertinent to Squad. The Leaders may train on our closed off server or live games. They are also responsible for the Certification Program.

The Office of Internal Personnel
This office is responsible for all current TF88 members. Maintaining the roster, Enlisted and NCO promotions, and taking care of Member Registrations in the Enlistment forums. They will work with The Office of Training and Tactics to figure out who is improving to provide a good base for their promotion decisions.

The Office of External Personnel
This office is responsible for looking after the recruitment of new members into TF88 by means of website forums and in-game. They are responsible for keeping our recruitment forum posts updated with current and correct information pertaining to TF88. Any new member that was directly recruited by any TF88 member will have their intro done by one of the staff members.
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